1 Dash Keyword Domain Names for Sale

Our Keyword Domain Names begin with the number “1” followed by a keyword. Our domain portfolio generally includes keywords associated with businesses that are still phone centric to consumers, like “1-Pizza.com

1 Dash Keyword Domain Names Features

  • Short
  • Keyword rich
  • Easy to remember
  • Look like phone numbers
  • SEO Friendly

Why 1 Dash Keyword Domain Names?

  • All the good short. memorable dot com names are taken
  • Buy before your competitor does

1 Dash Keyword Domain Names Portfolio

1-Pizza.com – competes with pizza.com & pizza.net

pizza.com & pizza.net sold for over $2M and 1.3M respectively (approx 10 years ago)

1-Nurse.com – a Uber type website for for connecting independent nursing professionals with patients.

Beat competitors with a better domain name!

~ Because the Best Domain Name Wins!